Sauce Jacqson

Hip-hop afro


23:00 — 00:30


Case à Chocs

Sauce Jacqson aka The B.E.F aka Victorious B.I.G aka Vickie smallz aka French Swissnatra aka Fallou Sine aka Bartholomée St-Françoise

Drummer, Beatmaker and Microphone rocker, Sauce has bathed in hip hop’s pools for a while despite his young age. Sauce is the example of someone who embodies the culture and dedicates his creativity to the movement.

Member of a few Cigarette City collectives a such as Corner Life, Michigang, Cigarette City Warriors, etc…  Sauce mixes a lot of secret influences together, then stirs it with three pinches of magic herb, and finally filters the negativity, to give rise to a smooth and delicious sauce.

You are in his kitchen right now, so feel free to comment, like, dislike, holla, or just pour the sauce and spread the name.

Bon appétit!